Over 30 years, We are silver manufacturer and wholesaler. Our product were 92.5% silver. All products are process with good quality and good checking. According to 1975, our shop starts from a silversmith, in year 1992 our shop has established as name S.M. Silver and registered as a company in the name S.M. SILVER925 CO., LTD. in year 2013. Our shop is one of the oldest shops in Thailand. We are forefront opening silver shop that wholesale and manufacturer. Also, all clients can trust our silver products with experience more than 30 years.

The factory located in Bangkok. We have teams of skilled silversmith with good experience more than 30 years, who specialize in the production and have attention on every detail.Therefore, our products are high quality and beautiful.

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Wholesale Terms and Conditions

The first time customers of S.M.SILVER925 Co., Ltd the minimum order value is 10,000 THB. 

($300 USD) This may be a mixture of any products displayed on our website and purchase of 10 

pieces per item to make a *wholesale transaction.

The amount shown in your selected currency may not be the exact amount which will appear 

on your statement. This is to the discretion of your bank. 

*If you are registered wholesale user and would like to purchase below the minimum quantity, you will not be able to proceed 

to the checkout with the wholesale prices. The customer must change the status on your profile page to retail.

Please note that the amount shown in any other currency besides THAI BAHT is a guide price 

only. The amount displayed is calculated according to the daily rate of exchange.


The order successfully submitted. We will get in contact with you shortly. You will receive an email with your order information as well. 

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